Tuesday, January 13, 2009

December at a glance

It seems like December came and went in a flash. Now that it is over, here is what we have been up to.....

We went to visit sweet Grandma Morgan in Soda Springs, Idaho
How cute is my Grandma? I just love this woman so much and I wish that I could see her more often.

Morgan on Christmas Morning (looking sleepy)

Now, she is mad that she missed her nap!

Morgan and Daddy
Morgan in her Christmas dress

Morgan on Christmas Eve. (Yes, she pulls the same face every time the camera pops out).

See what I mean

Christmas Eve with Grandpa Nielsen
Reading "Silent Night" on Christmas Eve with Grandma Nielsen

Some candy that mom and Morgan made for Christmas

Morgan getting bored helping mom make candy

Hudson rockin' his new winter coat (Huddy is the best dog ever, we just love him to pieces).

Another photo of Morgie in her Christmas dress
We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and an awesome New Years!!!