Monday, September 22, 2008

She Changes Everyday!!

Here are a few more pictures of our little Morgan. I can't believe how fast she is growing and how much she changes. I am having so much fun staying home with her. She seriously cracks me up all of the time whether it's a funny face she pulls or a new noise that she is making. I never knew how much fun being a mom could be! I love you Morgie!!!

I'm ready for my close-up!!!

Here's a few pictures of Morgan in her Fall outfit. I think she looks so dang cute in her butterfly dress.

Morgan in Gramsy's Chair

I absolutely love Gramsy's chair. I love the color, the height and how comfortable this chair is, it sereiously fits me perfectly (all of you shorties out there know how hard it is to find a seat where your feet actually touch the ground)! but Gramsy has decided to re-cover it. So, before that happens, I wanted to get a few pics of Morgan in it. Here are a few of my favorites!

Morgie Meets Great-Grandma Morgan

Morgie finally go to meet Grandma Morgan!! It was so fun to see my grandma because we haven't seen her for over a year (since my grandpa passed away). Grandma was so happy to meet Morgan and couldn't keep smiling. We difinatley need to plan a trip to Idaho so she can see Morgie again.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Lance is back!!
I am so excited because just yesterday Lance Armstrong announced to the world that he is going to be riding in the Tour de' France next year!! (He must have read my last blog post) ;) I can't wait for next July, watching the Tour just wasn't the same without him so, I really didn't keep up with it since he retired. But now he's back. Go for number 8 Lance!!

See how hot he is? (No worries, Chris knows about my crush and he is ok with it. His crush is Kate Hudson. It was hilarious when the two started dating, but they are no longer together.)

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Quirkiest Quirks

Tagged by: McCall

Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours:

1. I am secretly in love with Lance Armstrong. Ok, ok I am not in love with him, but I think that he is super hot!! I was obsessed with the Tour de' France like all 7 years that he was racing. He is in my opinion the most amazing athlete in the world, I mean after beating cancer, he came back into the cycling world and totally kicked everybody's trash !!

2. I am the most emotional girl that you will ever meet. I cry easier than anyone I know, and I am freaking out that my only sister has to move away from me for at least 4 years when she and Tannon go to dental school. I seriously get anxiety about it and F.Y.I. I have tears in my eyes right now just typing about it !!! I am a basket-case. I'm doing my best to try to be excited for them. I love you sis !!

3. I love watching the Hills (on MTV). I know that I am so lame for following the lives of Lauren, Audrina, Heidi, Whitney and Lo as they live their fabulous, (unscripted) lives in the Hollywood Hills. My husband Chris hates that I watch this show and tells me all of the time that I am a mom now and that I shouldn't be watching "crap like this on tv". Oh well, I still love it. In fact it is on tonight!! ;)

4. I love to travel. Although, it is no longer in the budget now that I am married and have the sweetest little girl. Here are a few of my favorite places that I have been: Italy (for high school graduation my cousin and I went to Italy and traveled all over from Milan to Florence to Venice to Rome to Capri to Pompeii to Verona to Sorento and a lot of other little towns. I would love to go back). Hawaii, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Mexico and my family also went on a Chruch History trip starting in SLC and traveled east all the way to Rochester NY. I can't wait to see where else I can get to (hopefully soon )!!

5. I have a great appreciation for photography. I have a nice Nikon camera (that my sweet husband gave me last year for my birthday). I want to find time to learn more so that I can take better pictures.

6. I love the elderly. As many of you know, I am a Physical Therapist Assistant. When I was in school, I planned on working more with athletes, but I quickly learned that they had major ego's and knew more than anyone else (Nick Thiros). So, I went back to working in a nursing home with geriactrics!! I love working with them because they have such great stories (sometimes you hear the same ones everyday) and I love that I get to see the same patients everyday

You're it: Alana, Andrea, Jill, Jenn, Emily, Carrie, Ashley and anyone else who wants to tell us more about then!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Get-A-Way!!

Morgan's 1st Road Trip
Over Labor Day my whole family packed up and went South for a mini va-ca. Morgan got to meet her Great Grandma & Grandpa Rose as well as her Great Uncle Turtle!! We all had a great time. Chris and my dad went golfing, Me, Morgan, my mom, McCall and Tannon went shopping (sorry Tannon, you will have to pick-up golf) ;) We also played basketball and tennis with Uncle Turtle.
It was a nice little get-a-way.

morgan with great grandpa doug

Morgan got to meet her Great Grandpa & Grandma Rose for the first time, and let me tell you, she was sure adored by them! We had such a good time with grandpa and grandma!

morgan with great grandma rhea

The arrival of Sophie!!

Congrats Libby and Brian!!

sophie elizabeth bailey

I just wanted to congratulate my cousin, Libby, on the arrival of her brand new baby girl! Sophie was born August 27th 2008. She is beautiful you guys.

sophie and morgie

The very first picture taken of Sophie and Morgan together. (My Aunt Diane is holding Morgan)

two peas in a pod

Sophie and Morgan in the hospital cart together. It was funny, when I place Morgan next to Sophie, she started to suck on her cheek, thus making Sophie cry. (My little peanut loves to eat!!)

Anja and Nikola in town!!


Morgan met her cousins, Anja and Nikola for the first time. Contrary to the picture, Morgan had a lot of fun with them. Safe travels back to San Antonio!

All of the Grandkids

Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen
with all of their grandkids !!