Sunday, February 19, 2012

1st Time Sledding!!!

Today on February 11, 2012 was Morgan's first day sledding! I can't believe that we had to wait this long to go, but this year has been so unusual with hardly any snow!!! So, when we saw that it had snowed last night, we knew that we had to take her. She had a blast! I thought that she would be a bit scared, but boy was I wrong. She went down the first few times with Daddy, but then said "I want go by myself"! Yea for her she loved having Daddy push her down the hill instead of ride with her (probably because his feet kicked snow into her face because he is too tall for the sled). What a fun day.

Love Them

Morgan and Lennon
This is my sweet Morgan and my sweet nephew Lennon! Lennon was able to make his first trip to Utah over Christmas, and boy did we have fun. Morgan loves this little guy so much, and he was so good to let her be in his face constanly. Morgan was very protective of Lennon and always made sure that he was taken care of. Can't wait for this little guy to get back here! We love him so much! Oh ya, his parents aren't bad either! Love you guys too.