Sunday, September 20, 2009

For McCall

As many of you know, my sweet lil' sis moved to Pittsburgh to follow that husband of hers to dental school. She has been on my case about not updating my blog with pictures of Morgan. So this is for you Sis!! We love you and can't wait to visit ya in less than 10 days!! Yahoo!!

Oh what fun, look who's 1

Our sweet Morgie turned 1 on July 27th!! (I know, I know, I realize that I am waaaay late posting). I can't believe how time flies. Here is how we celebrated!
My sweet friend Celeste helped me make MoMo's first birthday cake
Morgan really liked her yummy smash cake

Mommy and Morgie celebrating both their birthday's and Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen's

Moran and Uncle T

Morie with her adoring Auntie M

Close-up of the chompers!!

Happy girl on her big day!