Sunday, December 6, 2009

Queen Bee!!

So I know that it is nearly Christmas and I am barely blogging about Halloween! I am the worst, I know. Anyhoo, we had a great Halloween. It started with a surprise 50th Birthday Bash for Chris' Aunt Viki. Morgan had so much fun playing with Chris' cousin's little girl, Sadie. They had a great time running around and they even found some balloons! Morgan had so much fun with those balloons, she took them everywhere. We even had to take them home with us cause she was so sad she had to put them back. It was quite sad when they lost their air after a few days. She didn't understand why they wouldn't float anymore!

This began Morgans love for balloons!
(she is now obsessed every time she sees one)

Sadie, Jana Chris and MoMo

Morgan's Halloween costume
I couldn't believe how well she kept the head piece on!

I love this pic!

Somehow she knew what candy was even though she hadn't had it before!

Morg and her lame parents who didn't dress up!

Daddy and Morgan

Grandma with Morgie (and the balloons)

Nana and Morgan

Papa and Morgie

Chowin' down on Auntie Great's delicious bread sticks! Every Halloween my Aunt Marlene make homemade chili, homemade bread sticks, homemade root beer & homemade doughnuts! I think Morg likes this tradition. YUMMY!!!

I love my little honey bee!

Black Island Farm

This Fall we went took an adventure to Black Island Farm. Morgan loved it! We have never been before and were surprised how much there was to do (even with little ones)! We will definitely try to go every year with the Morgie Monster! Morgan and Daddy on the small slide.
Morgan clapping at the pig race!! (Her pig won too)!

Petting the llama

Morg getting the cow's attention

Morgan loved all of the animals, that is until we got to the tire bull!

Getting sick of the camera in her face!

This was so funny, Morgan was tapping her foot to the music! She cracks me up.

Picking out the perfect pumpkin

We had so much fun and we didn't even get to do it all before Morgan tired out. Next year we will try out the hay ride and maybe even the corn maze!