Thursday, August 5, 2010

Aunt "Woggy's" Visit

"Woggy's" here !! Morgan just
had to show McCall her new

Discovery Gateway with Woggy

Morgan had a blast here. She loves balls
so she was in heaven putting them in the
different holes and watching them fall down
the corrugated tubing.

Building a city with McCall

YUMMO!!! Mini's Cupcakes

Munchkin thinks she is being sneeky!

She of course goes for McCall's favorite, the Tiffany

Fireworks on the 25th of July (we were a day late).
We had a way fun BBQ with Tannon's family on the
25th. If only Uncle TaTa could have come too.
(Crappy finals).

McCall's first experience with Morgie
at "Circle". McCall was priceless, she
saw the playground and said "that's
what all the hype is about"? I died
this, is my life. Trying to keep my
borderline albino baby happy and
active, yet out of the sun.

"Woggy's" Visit Continued

"Circle", as in Arctic Circle Morgan loves this place

Swimming with "Woggy"

Playing with a new toy

Flying with "Woggy"

Trying to jump rope with ribbon from a present.
Morgan is obsessed with jumping right now. She
is getting some big air too!

Showing off her new shoes Grandma Nielsen gave her

Her favorite present...

That is until the basket ball hoop came.
Morgan calls it "sacket ball" soooo cute.

Blowing out her candle. Yes,
I was lame this year and didn't
make a fun cake for her. Sorry
Morgie, we were having too much
fun with Aunt Woggy.

At least she still liked it!

We had so much fun with both of our birthdays and the best part was that McCall was here for everything!!! Morgan has the best aunt in the world, and as you can see, she kind-of likes her Aunt "Woggy". She wouldn't leave her sight the whole time she was in town.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look What's New, Morgie's 2 !

I honestly cannot believe that my little munchkin is 2 years old already!! The years have flown by I tell ya. Morgan is so much fun these days, full of energy and mischief. She loves being outside (she doesn't realize she is borderline albino). We have been swimming a lot as well as playing at the park. Morgan also loves "Circle" (Arctic Circle) that is. Since it has been sooooo HOT lately, that has been her park! Morgie is a little girly-girl these days too. She loves wearing jewelery. Every time I open my jewelery drawer to put on my ring, she has to pull out a necklace or bracelet of some sort to wear. She also loves to wear lip gloss so she can look "pretty". This little girl cracks me up.
Morgan's birthday was a fun one mainly because Aunt "Woggy" was in town for it. Morgan got to go swimming, go to "Circle" for lunch and open presents with Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen and Papa and Nana Morgan. I will be posting pictures of her birthday and McCall's visit soon!