Friday, April 10, 2009

So Excited for SPRING !!

Morgan and I have just loved the weather lately. It has been so nice and we have actually been able to get out of the house and go for stroller rides! Morgan absolutely loves being outdoors (too bad her skin is so, so, so FAIR, thank goodness for sunscreen)!
The other day, my cousin and I got together and took some pictures of our little girls. Here are a few of my favorite pictures that I was able to capture of my little Morgie! She just brightens my day!

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Lone Star State

San Antonio 2009
march 21-25
We went to visit Chris' brother and family a few weeks ago to beautiful San Antonio. (I was a bit sad that they moved from San Francisco cause I fell in love with the city, but change is good right)?? This was my first trip to Texas, and Morgie's first plane ride. I was really nervous cause I didn't know how she would act on the plane, if her ears would hurt, or if she was going to be naughty. Luckily, she did very well with minimal crying. We had such a good time and can't wait to get back to visit again!
The Riverwalk

Morgie, Chris and Anja in the boat on the Riverwalk
Morgan absolutely loved the boat ride, she was just talking and talking just about the whole time.
She must have worn herself out, luckily she had Daddy to rest on! (She melts my heart).

Morgie and Daddy

Chris and Nikola

Me and Anja

Anja and Kola

Chris, Justin, Morgan, Missy, Marija
Nikola, Anja

Our family at the Alamo!

Daddy and Morgan enjoying the nice weather

Morgie and Mommy in the breeze

Kola and Anja making faces in front of the Ripley's Believe it or Not store

Lance and me
As most of you know, Lance Armstrong is my favorite. The wax figure of him does not do him justice at all!

While we were in San Antonio Morgan just about learned how to crawl. Here are a few pics of her trying to stay on her knees.

My little peanut is growing up way too fast, I can't believe that she is 8 months! She is just so much fun and I have enjoyed every stage so far. What the crap did Chris and I do before we had Morgan bless our lives?

The biggest scare of my life!!
We also had our first scare with Morgan while we were visiting in San Antonio. At breakfast the morning after we got there, I was teasing Chris about not giving Morgan big enough pieces of biscuit to chew on. So, I took over and gave her a bigger piece. She was loving the biscuits but on like the third bite, she started to choke. This was so scary, but luckily I was able to give her some back-blows and it came right out. I didn't know that my sweet sister-in-law was already on the phone with 911. She told them that Morgan was fine and that the biscuit came out, but it was their protocol to send the paramedics over to check her out anyways. Here come the sirens!!
Morgie with her new friends, the San Antonio paramedics

Checking out her vital signs
I feel so blessed that everything was okay with Morgan and that even though I was scared, I knew what to do (I won't complain now that I have to take CPR classes every year for work) ;)

Morgan with her cousins (Check out the difference in their skin) Morgan is so light and Anja and Nikola have such dark features. This pic just cracks me up.

Anja loves having a a baby cousin and she is so good with Morgan

You can't visit Texas and not get some authentic down home cooking! Rudy's had some good BBQ

We had such a fun time in Texas and can't wait to get back to see Justin, Marija, Nikola and Anja! We love you guys!