Monday, March 16, 2009

Splish, Splash...and more Splashing!!!

So last Friday, Chris and I took Morgie swimming for the first time! I was kind of nervous for her being in that much water cause I didn't know how she would react, but luckily, she LOVED it! Morgan just splashed and splashed! She absoulutely loved being surrounded by so many kids, she even joined in on the screaming and laughing that was going on all around her! So, thank you Jenny and Kirk for inviting us to go with you guys. Who knows, we may just be getting a pass so that we can go more often with ya! ;) Morgan and Daddy!
Morgan just getting used to the water

I wish that I would have brought our video camera, cause Morgan was just a kicking while holding onto the wall! It was so dang cute.

Morgan actually smiling for the camera! (She just loved this fish that she is sitting on).

All tuckered out after her first swim!