Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Morgan has always loved music and has always "grooved" to it, but over the past few months she has stared actually dancing. Now, I am a mom who knows absolutely nothing about dance, so she hasn't seen me twirling around and gracefully standing on one foot. I have watched her over the past few months and she is actually pretty getting good. She has been quite the entertainer at church as well. She dances in the isles whenever the organ/piano plays. A few people at church have asked me if she was in a dance class, but she's never had a class (mainly because I can't find dance classes for 2 year olds, they all start at age 3). Just yesterday(2/16/2011) I found a "Mommy and Me" dance class for toddlers, so we decided to check it out. Morgie had a blast! She loved the ballet room with mirrors on every wall. Once the class got started, she decided to forgo listening to the teacher and just ran around the room performing her own dance moves. She was in awe of all the mirrors and was totally diggin' being able to see herself dance. Here's a few shots of my tiny dancer (and yes, she already has a leotard, she talked Nana into getting it for her a few weeks ago.

P.S. I realize many of these pics aren't in focus, I'm still learning how to get the right exposure with the right ISO in low light to still show movement, but not blur. Any suggestions are welcome. :)


caitlin and brinton said...

Yay for a new post! SHE IS SO CUTE!!! I love her little leotard. She is getting so big. I really want to see you guys.

mccall said...

okay, that last picture is my favorite!! what a cute little dancer.

who cares about blurry pictures when your subject is THAT cute!